Use Internet Explorer to view the source code of any page.

Before consulting the source code of a second page (one ending in a .php extension), fill in the field(s) of the original page first, then press the button. That way, the info you filled out in the original form (and referred to on the second page - such as your name, message, text, etc.) will be found on that page.

I have tried to keep it simple, but no one is perfect. For example, it may be tricky to understand that -- although the "php code" is in quotations -- the code itself should be without quotations when inserted into brackets. HOWEVER...the entire bracketed code is, in some cases, put into the quotes shown on the source page. (Sounds confusing...but it's really not as confusing as it sounds!!)

Unfortunately, I cannot clear up any detailed problems. But if there is something that appears easy to resolve, please email me and I will try to help.

Also, if you have any helpful suggestions, please email to The Webmaster.

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